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Why start SCD?

Why start SCD?

We started Steve’s Club Denver to bring opportunities for health to Denver kids that need it most. It was created by a group of CrossFit friends who saw the benefits in their own lives. Together, we gave the same sense of community we felt in classes to kids and teens, regardless of their background or athletic history. Since then, we’ve seen athletes find their people, their crew. We’ve seen students devote themselves wholeheartedly and we’ve heard them describe this group as family, as an environment where they’re always accepted. We certainly hope that never ends.

The beginnings of Steve’s Club Denver date back to a CrossFit Journal article about Steve’s Club Camden from July 2008. Intrigued and inspired by that idea, I found out that Denver still did not have a club. In 2014, I floated the idea in a message to a bunch of CrossFit friends. As it turned out, my friends thought this was a great idea too, and a board of directors was formed. We first met at Project Rise Fitness on 25th and Galena thanks to Rise owner Caleb Sommer who didn’t hesitate to make this mission his own.

Our first workouts were held at the Lowry location of Third Way Centers, a group of residential treatment centers for adolescents. From there, SCD grew in terms of number of classes and expanded to include Power Academy, a part of HOPE Online Learning Academy. CrossFit Broadway also partnered with Steve’s Club Denver early on, providing twice a week classes to kids from Joan Farley Academy, a school for students at Third Way Centers. Other partnerships followed, including a consistent program at Bladium CrossFit Denver for students at DSST Montview, and now STRIVE Prep Federal.

As our program expands, we remain committed to offering high quality opportunities to kids and teens across Denver. Although still new and young in spirit, we’re proud to be into a new phase of developing this program. Currently, we provide CrossFit classes, nutrition education, mentorship, high quality food, skiing and snowboarding, an annual service day with veterans, and a life changing summer camp.

Thank you to all who have helped make Steve’s Club Denver great,

Duncan Seawell