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Where We Stand – An Open Letter

Where We Stand – An Open Letter

In this historic time, we feel it is essential to not only serve our youth, but also speak up and be a voice supporting inclusion and diversity. We’ve been working diligently to level the playing field for youth that start with extreme socio-economic disadvantages. 

Yet, there is so much more to do. As the world begins to open their eyes and truly understand that their fellow humans, especially black lives, are treated as less than, we at Steve’s Club Denver are strengthening our resolve to support the kids and communities we serve. We will use our voices and our actions to do all we can and make an impact to move us forward, together. 

We are challenging you to join us in this fight for a level playing field and equity in life for all. 

Since its inception, Steve’s Club Denver has been about empowering disadvantaged youth and strengthening their resolve to excel in the face of adversity. Physical strength and mental fortitude are seen as equally important for the tests that lay ahead. For many of our athletes, those tests are already present in daily life and their strength is evident in their actions. In short, they inspire us to be a better program, right now more than ever.

Steve’s Club Denver invites you to help us do more in five components of the program:

Community representation: We are actively seeking board members and coaches that mirror the backgrounds of our athletes in marginalized communities and history of adverse childhood experiences.

Education: Volunteers with our program (board members, coaches, mentors, etc.) will receive diversity training in order to understand the impact of racial, cultural, and economic differences on our community as a whole. Special attention will be given to how these differences impact the interactions we have with our athletes.

Assessment: We will learn from our athletes about their experiences, inside our program and out. We are deeply committed to providing spaces where marginalized youth never feel further marginalized. We will do our best to find out if that has ever happened or if the potential for such incidents is something we can do more to limit.

Communication: Each of our program sites will be involved in discussions regarding how we can do better with every interaction we have with athletes. Coaches will report to the board at least monthly regarding the status of their athletes and their efforts to maintain an environment of inclusion and acceptance.

Identity and Methodology: Following the lead of our national program, we will pursue opportunities to expand our program beyond the CrossFit methodology. While still secure in the fact that our previous methods can develop fitness, we look forward to engaging youth in other disciplines (e.g., olympic lifting) as well. At the same time, we will not abandon what we know works and we will not exclude sites that choose to train athletes in the CrossFit methodology.

Change is hard, but the resilience evident in our athletes shows us that this can be done – and should be done.

We’ve got this.


Duncan Seawell (Board President) & The Steve’s Club Board